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Jan. 5th, 2014


[info]demonium is a group multi fandom psl set in a universe entirely separate from any other, it is heavily supernatural and has many elements of horror. It strives to encourage a place to let creativity foster, a place where pretty much anything can happen. It strives to be a place to let social lines thrive while allowing the freedom to create plots both among smaller groups of players and game wide. The smaller nature of the game is in the hopes to create a place where people feel safe to explore lines and ideas while not being restricted by the rules inherent in larger game settings. The world exists in its own universe and while characters may find places and things that they recognize from home, while certain things may seem familiar it will become quickly clear that this is not their world - and that there is no way to get back to where they came from.

Welcome to [info]demonium

The world the game exists in will have elements of the real world and the source worlds of the characters in it, but it is not a city that exists in our reality. It is, however, a generic modern city when it comes to amenities and design. There are malls, movie theaters, bowling alleys, parks, clubs, bars, anything one would find a larger city but there are things that are just not right either. While the city is fairly safe during the day once the sun sets it becomes a bit more dangerous. Crime is rampant in the city, and as various fandoms begin to populate the world they bring with them the evils of their own world. These will all be NPC's entities that players can use for their own plotting purposes. The city is inhabited by a good population of "natives" that won't give any answers as to how your character got there, what is going on, anything really outside of small talk about the weather. As well when asked where they are, the natives will simply reply with The City.

Surrounding the city is an expansive wood. As dangerous as the city is, the woods can be even worse. It is very easy to get lost in the forest, very easy to come across the things that should only exist in your nightmares. Past the woods there is nothing but sea. For the most part the coastline is cliffs but there are a few spots where one could house a boat. Though it doesn't matter how long or how far one goes in their ship they will not be able to find land outside of a few scattered islands other than the larger island the city exists on.

To make things easy the world of Demonium runs in real time. Their calender is the same as ours. The weather in the world is a moderate climate and for game purposes will be the same as NYC unless otherwise stated for a plot.


All rules to this game can be summed up by one simple statement. DO NOT BE A DOUCHE. End of story. Don't make this not fun. If you start making it not fun then we have a problem. Be an adult, communicate with your fellow players and have fun. As this is a group psl modding will be mostly for game upkeep and plot organization only. We expect our players to be able to moderate themselves.

By applying for this game you agree to be an adult, you agree to communicate with your fellow players, you agree to be responsible for your own activity and for creating plot for yourself. You agree that even though the application is a glorified version of what's your character's journal name you do not use that as an excuse to not think our your characters. You agree that any AU you establish makes sense in the context of the source material and for the character, you agree that your AU is not created solely for shipping. You agree that should at any point you make this not fun for the rest of the game you may be asked to leave. You agree that should your characters be consistently OOC you will be asked to leave.

Demonium is a panfandom and while there are no outright bans on certain fandoms or character types we do ask that you keep the game setting in mind while considering character choices. This game leans heavily into the supernatural and you are more than welcome to bring in a character from sitcoms/comedies/musicals/etc, we just ask that you are prepared to have that character be completely out of their element.

Original characters with or without a fandom basis are allowed (previous game history is allowed for original characters as well). Original characters with family ties to canon characters are allowed - however do not expect that the canon versions of their family will suddenly just love them, or even acknowledge their presence. NEW! YOU MUST DISCUSS THESE CHARACTERS WITH THE CANON CHARACTERS ALREADY IN PLAY.

Caps may be implemented should any fandom and/or character start to severely outweigh the rest of the game.

Characters can be canon bumped at anytime though we ask you not to do it every week.

Regardless of whatever version of a character you choose you also have the option of having them be a new arrival or having been in the world for a while already.

Your character's source material will exist in the world. However if the native inhabitants recognize your character, they aren't saying anything. Nor do they seem to recognize your character as their actor counterpart. The media really only exists for the sole purpose of causing your character angst.


Whenever a world becomes represented in game, things from that world can show up too. So if a character from Vampire Diaries shows up the Mystic Grill can come along too. If Stefan or Damon show up they could bring the Salvatore house. If Batman showed up in the city Wayne Manor and Wayne Enterprises could be waiting for him. Fairy tale characters can bring their castles or pieces of the world to add to the forest. The only limit is they can't bring in potentially played characters. So with Wayne Manor showing up there can be NPC cleaning ladies coming too but no Alfred. If Harry Potter brought Hogwarts there would be NPC students and teachers but no Ron or Hermione unless someone else picked them up as played characters.

This is not just limited to houses or businesses or that kind of thing. It also can be expanded to personal items and the like. Your character could find their car, their horse, their closet, their bank account, etc. As well the means to fight off/ward off the supernatural creatures that come through when a fandom becomes represented will show up. Mountain ash will be able to be found once Teen Wolf is represented, Vevain when Vampire Diaries is represented and somewhere deep in the woods there will be a white oak tree if an Original from TVD shows up, etc. Other objects for plot purposes can also show up - for example if the TVD players wanted to do a cure plot the cure could show up and they could have a whole thing about getting it, there can be a plot around The Colt for the Supernatural players if they wanted of if there's a group of Star Trek players the Enterprise could randomly show up one day and they can go to space for a while.


Short answer. There is none, there is none and yes!. Because this is a gpsl it's a lot more casual, this is meant to be a stress free and fun zone for us to all be creative so there are no update limits. If you want to pick up a god who will only show up every other month to cause issues? That's fine. Don't feel like you have to worry or stress about getting a certain amount of activity out of a character that really only exists to shake things up. The only thing is please be communicative with your line partners, don't leave people hanging.

Role calls will be run periodically to ensure we are not carrying completely inactive characters and bogging down other characters with inactive lines. Failure to reply to a role call will result in your removal from the game.

Villain types are more than welcome and how you want to play that out is entirely up to you. If they get killed they can come right back (same with heroes!), or they can stay dead. If you want to pick up a pseudo OC type villain (like a random Buffy verse vamp to taunt the hunter types, a stooge of some evil witch, etc) that's cool too.


Player suggested game wide plots are welcome and encouraged and can be suggested here.


Characters can die. They may remain dead for as long as the player wishes (or that version permanently if you wanted to drop a character in a dramatic fashion). Resurrection can be something done via other character intervention for plot purposes or just occur through the same magic that brought characters to the world in the first place.


Gameplay will all be done in [info]demoniumic. Please use provided tags. Upon arrival characters will have access to a network. How they access this is up to the player. Modern characters can access via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Characters who would be more comfortable with a magical journal of sorts will find that. Entries will appear in whatever language the character feels most comfortable with. Strikeouts are text that has been written and then deleted. All or parts of a post can be filtered. Threads should be behind a cut and while they do not require a rating please mark warnings if needed for anything with excessive violence, triggers, sexual content, etc.

OOC posts belong in [info]demoniumplot.

Have a question not answered here! Feel free to leave a comment or hit up the contact post. Comments on this post are unscreened, comments in the contact post will be screened.

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